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Writing and wordsmithing in English

Revising of academic, scientific and technical texts for US and UK publications

SuperPhrase is skilled in the editing, localizing, and polishing of English texts for North American audiences.

We are familiar with the major style formats used by refereed publications and can suggest improvements to phrasing. We can also provide more general feedback on the organization of your document.

We believe that translators make the best copy editors. We are accustomed to ensuring the each sentence is clearly understood. Then we zoom in, uncover the sense of each word in order to convey the full meaning of the sentence.

The SuperPhrase team can identify your repetitions and redundancies. We carefully check to see if you have lost track of clauses, tenses or whether the subject is singular or plural. Your text will be improved and its meaning retained.  We will polish your words so that the meaning behind them shines through.

Whether your material is academic, scientific, technical, whether your audience is made up of specialists, elected officials, or the general public — you can count on Superphrase to provide you with excellent and prompt service in translation, editing or writing.

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