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Why use SuperPhrase?

We’re trans-creative!

We don’t just translate the words, we translate the meaning behind your words. We’ll make sure the result is adapted to your audience.

We’re multicultural!

Our translation and other work experience have exposed us to British, American and Canadian documents, terminology and cultural concepts. Influences from France and Québec, of course, round out our world.

If needed, we will add explanatory text to allow the target audience to understand the subtleties of the source text – at no extra charge.

We’re conscientious!

We never miss deadlines, we triple-check our work and we provide impeccable results.

Of course we go beyond the cursory spelling and grammar checks of your word processing program. Your document will benefit from aural and textual review. Complex texts are also revised by a dual specialist, with mother-tongue degrees in English and French.

We provide a wide range of knowledge!

We have expertise in the translation, writing and editing of documents in various fields, including:

Environmental and urban issues

Social sciences

NGOs and non-profits, from local to international

We are adept at grasping ideas and concepts, seeing the meaning behind the arrangement of words, visualizing the interactions between information and concrete objects. We use simple and direct language to convey complex ideas.


Please contact us for a quotation or if you have any questions.

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